Invest in Ohio: Nan Whaley’s 21st Century Jobs Plan

  1. Invest in Ohio’s Businesses: A New Ohio Business Compact
  2. Invest in 21st Century Jobs: Building the Future in Ohio
  3. Invest in Ohio’s Workers: Raising Wages for All Ohioans
  • One good job should be enough. Every Ohioan deserves the dignity of work — a job that provides opportunity for your family and kids, regardless of your zip code. You should be free to collectively bargain; have a safe workplace; receive adequate health care, paid sick and family leave; and earn a wage that pays you fairly for the important value you provide.
  • There should be ample opportunity for your kids and grandkids to build their lives anywhere in Ohio. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, in a suburb or on a farm, you deserve to have access to economic opportunity in Ohio. Ohio’s strength is in just how big and diverse our state is — we can’t afford to leave anyone behind. We need to invest in Ohio talent all across the state.
  • Ohio can lead the country in the jobs of the future. Ohio has always been a place of opportunity and innovation — of inventors and astronauts. We led the nation in the last manufacturing revolution and there’s no reason we can’t lead the next one. Ohio has the talent and the resources to once again be America’s economic powerhouse.
  • We have what it takes to rebuild our economy. Nan believes in Ohio. Our state is full of gritty entrepreneurs and resilient workers who have the skills and resources to make our state a place where everyone can thrive. But, to do so we need a governor and a government that is looking out for Ohio families, not special interests.
  1. Investing in Ohio Businesses: A New Ohio Business Compact
  • Increasing the state’s renewable portfolio standard in a way that balances jobs and climate change goals for the state.
  • Fully repealing House Bill 6 and restoring Ohio’s renewable energy benchmarks. Because of this corrupt bill, Ohioans are paying a fee every month to bail out two failing coal plants — one of which is in Indiana — at the expense of our renewable energy industry.
  • Convene a council of industry experts to explore pathways for Ohio to lead on battery recycling and reclamation. As the world’s lithium supply dwindles, places with strong industrial histories like Ohio are well-positioned to become leaders in battery recycling.
  • Developing and implementing a statewide strategy for workers whose jobs may be impacted by fossil fuel industry contraction. We cannot leave these workers or their communities behind.
  • Targeting investments in energy efficiency, clean energy production, and zero-emissions vehicle manufacturing so they spur new businesses, generate good-paying jobs, and provide affordable electricity in all Ohio communities.
  • One of Nan’s first actions will be to issue a “Buy Ohio” Executive Order to assure that the state’s purchasing is only directed to Ohio businesses that pay a living wage and benefits.
  • Give every Ohioan the right to the education and training they need to get and keep a good paying job.
  • Establish the Reskill Ohio Challenge which will provide a prize to private-sector or nonprofit firms who develop new, effective models for connecting workers and skills.
  • Direct JobsOhio to work at the local level to strengthen connections between job training institutions, federal institutions, and business to stay ahead of the trends in a rapidly-changing economy.
  • Invest in free or discounted tuition for Ohio’s essential workers who want to complete or advance their education.
  • Transportation and Trucking: Ohio builds on a deep industrial base of rail and automotive manufacturing — from R&D, to components, to assembly. Nan will make sure that the state is addressing the impact of automation on the 70,000 Ohioans who are employed in the trucking industry. She will direct JobsOhio to partner with truckers and trucking leaders to develop an Ohio economic adjustment assistance program.
  • Ohio’s Foundation in Manufacturing: Ohio’s manufacturing plants, supply chains, workforce skills, central location and transportation infrastructure make the state perfectly positioned to rebuild eroded domestic capabilities. Nan will work to bring investments to Ohio as domestic manufacturing capabilities are rebuilt and supply chains re-shored for the purposes of national defense. Her administration will link existing Ohio suppliers to emerging on-shore production needs, providing retooling and re-skilling assistance to facilitate the process.
  • Ohio’s Caring Sector: Like states across the country, Ohio has seen huge growth in “care” professions such as home health aides, childcare providers, and nursing home employees. Supporting these vital professions is critical to making Ohio a place where everyone can thrive. They deserve good pay, adequate staffing levels, and safe workplaces. Ohio’s long track record of investment in advanced medicine positions the state to develop and on-shore public health infrastructure that is critical to American competitiveness. Nan’s administration will work to secure investments for Ohio’s important health care technology corridors in Cleveland and Columbus, in addition to making “accelerator” investments in healthcare in promising clusters around the state, driving jobs and new businesses throughout Ohio.



Mayor of Dayton. Candidate for Governor of Ohio.

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